It teaches the latest projection mapping technology and techniques to students, enabling them to create a site specific interactive or static projection mapping installation.

The students will learn to collaborate with other students, execute their ideas and deliver an installation by the end of the workshop.

The workshop consists of 3 learning stages: animation, projection mapping, and installation. Interactive projection mapping teach as request. ( optional ). During all stages there is a strong emphasis on experiential learning, presentation and sharing, and teamwork. The students will experience the process of an art installation from concept to public presentation, enhancing the students’ artistic development a great deal.



LED Mappathon©
It teaches basic knowledge of projection mapping technic to control LED light installation. The workshop consists of  4 learning stages: animation, projection mapping, LED light set up and installation.


Mappathon© is inspired by events called hackathons where computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and project managers collaborate intensively on software projects in limited time.


FUTURE MAPPERS©: Projection Mapping 1.0 for Beginners
This workshop is a short version of Mappathon©. It will teach very basic projection Mapping skills for beginners in very short time frame.



We design a variety of projection mapping & LED light workshops for your need. The primary tool taught in the workshop is the software package MadMapper and Modul8 for Mac. All participants will be given a fully functional, 30 day time limited, version of MadMapper & Modul8.